Green Screen Room

The green screen room (located on the left side of the library) is open to students, faculty and staff of Hoover High School. Reserve a time to create your own video presentations, voice-overs, interviews, narratives, screencast, and more. You can be anywhere in the world with our green screen capabilities. With your creativity and this wonderful facility we know the outcome will be a masterpiece!


  • MacBook Pro
  • iPad and iPad Mini
  • Tripod
  • Professional Lighting
  • Green Screen


  • Final Cut Pro for MacBook Pro
  • iMovie for iPad Mini
  • Teleprompter app for iPads
  • Veescope app for iPads


  • Reserve the lab with a librarian.
  • Have a plan of action.
    • Have a plan before entering the green screen room. Know what you are going to do and have a plan for each step.
    • Create a story-board with screens and scripts to used as a guide for your video recording.
    • The green screen room should be used for audio and video recording only.  Editing should be completed outside the green screen room.